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Ad and Legal Consulting

For Clarity & Forward Movement

Gain clarity on your Facebook ads with an hour-long consultation with me. We'll review your ad campaigns, and I'll provide feedback and suggestions that may improve the efficacy of the ads. You can ask me Qs like:​

❃ What audiences do I target with my ads?

❃ How do I create a custom audience or lookalike audience?

❃ Are my ads getting a good Return on Ad Spend ("ROAS")?

❃ How good of a ROAS can I get with my ads?

❃ What are some possible ad strategies based on my business goals?

❃ What are the benefits of hiring an ad consultant versus running ads on my own?

❃ How do I install the Facebook pixel on my website or landing page?

As a former attorney, I also provide legal consulting services to entrepreneurs who are running Facebook ads. This can involve consultations around your business or consultations around Facebook ads themselves. You can ask me about things like:

❃ What type of business should I file as based on my business goals?

❃ What are the implications of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") for my Facebook ads?

❃ What are Facebook's policies around the type of ads I'd like to run?

Let me help you get clarity on the next steps for your business and provide suggestions on how to increase your ROI. Consulting sessions are a 60 minutes.

Rate: $200/hour

*Ad and Legal Consulting services are for people who are currently running their own Facebook ads or are using an ad consultant to run ads and want another set of expert eyes on them. This service is not appropriate for someone who wishes to chat with me about hiring me to run their ads for them.

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Laura Lavigne
Creator of The Center for Happiness

It was SO good to learn from Alyssa.... [It was a] revolution-making one hour Zoom session.... Alyssa's [spiritually-based work] and life work are purty darn special, I will tell you that.