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As of March 2020, I am no longer accepting new clients for Facebook/Instagram ad services


Conscious Entrepreneurship

So many of us have amazing ideas, dreams and creations to help change the world. And we want our marketing to reflect that. We want it to be love-based, empowering, and helpful. A new paradigm of marketing to be honest. 

That's why I focus on running Facebook & Instagram ads for conscious entrepreneurs. I love helping wayshowers, paradigm shifters, and leaders of light get their message out into the world. To expand consciousness in people. And to create real change. And with marketing techniques that feel good, not icky.

Conscious entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes! I've worked with teachers, therapists, coaches, healers, and attorneys.

Keep on reading to learn more about working with me.


Working with Me

Let's Grow Your Business, Friend!

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🖥 Ad Creation 🖥

What happens when you hire me?

A lot! I will:

  • Schedule our kick-off call: We'll discuss your business goals and the types of ads we could run to meet those goals. We'll also discuss audiences to target, and I'll share with you how I intend to utilize your budget for the best results.

  • Set up the Facebook pixel on all relevant pages

  • Create audiences for us to target in your ads. These audiences will remain in your ad account for you to use in future ad campaigns.

  • Walk through your funnel and ensure that everything is working properly

  • Create Facebook and Instagram ads. I need at least a week between the time our contract begins and when ads can realistically start running.

What I need from you:

  • Copy

  • Images

  • Video

  • Passwords to sites you're using for your landing page and thank you page (like LeadPages, ClickFunnels, Kajabi, Teachable, WordPress, etc.)

  • Email list in CSV format (unless you use MailChimp, in which case I'll need your MailChimp login)


                                               What kind of ads do I run?

My ad expertise includes the following:

Engagement: Ads to grow your customer base and find those folks who love your work

Email List Building: Ads to grow your email list

Sales: Ads to generate sales of your product or service

Retargeting: Ads shown to a specific segment of your followers to encourage them to take a specific action (like showing sales ads to folks who looked at your sales page, but didn't buy)

Depending on your business goals, I may be running ads for 1 or more of these types of ad campaigns.

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📈 Ad Tracking, Metrics Reporting & Improving Results 📈

What happens once ads are up and running?

My favorite part of running ads - tracking the numbers and seeing what's working and what's not.

I'll look at your ads everyday, make changes as needed, and give you regular updates about how your ads are doing.

Within two weeks of our contract ending, I'll provide you with a detailed report about the ads that did well and my recommendations for future ads.


My rates

My ad services start at $1,000/month plus a one-time $300 Facebook pixel set-up fee. I also charge 10% of any ad spend that's over $5,000/month.

I don't pro rate my rates for any amount of time where I run ads for you for less than a month, but I will pro rate my rates for amounts of time that are longer than a month. 

Do I require clients to sign on with me for a certain amount of time (aka a retainer package)?

Yes, I require at least a month-long commitment.

I prefer working with clients for at least 4 months because it allows me to really get to know their business. But I understand that longer commitments aren't always optimal.

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💫 What Magic Do I Bring to the Table? 💫

My strength lies in the intersection of my skills, training, experience and gifts.

My deepest passion is helping people awaken to and access their greater consciousness. I love channeling Archangel Ariel and helping people experience life from their more expanded Soul-level state of being.

My spiritual studies have led me to experience many modalities and belief systems. This is a huge benefit to conscious entrepreneurs as I'm able to understand your work and how to position it on Facebook and Instagram - as well as audiences to run ads to!

As a former attorney, I have the responsiveness and professionalism of a lawyer that I bring to the table. I use a lawyer’s code of ethics to be in integrity with my work and with my communications with clients.

I also help clients with legal questions. This is really beneficial when Qs arise around Facebook's ad policies or compliance with advertising laws.

I excel in long-term strategic visioning and planning. I love strategizing and mapping out how to move forward.

I also take short-term steps to move towards goals. As a former attorney and current entrepreneur, I use both long-term and short-term actions to help grow my business, as well as the businesses of my clients.

Finally, I have experience running Facebook and Instagram ads for clients. I've managed thousands of dollars of ad spend for clients and helped them achieve real growth.

All of these skills, experiences, training and gifts are my magic sauce.

If I might be a good fit for you, let's chat!


Praise from Clients

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Uma Sanghvi, Mind-Body Coach

Alyssa's awesome ad doubled my email list after only 5 days after months of my email list being at the same level.