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Attorney Offerings


Rewrite your relationship to the practice of law. Allow your practice to feed your beautiful heart while still maintaining boundaries with work and enjoying a satisfying personal life.

Welcome Friend 


I'm happy that you're here!

I know that you're an amazing person. Smart, creative, empowered, and here to help

those in need. The type of lawyer that we need more of.


But maybe you’re feeling dejected, exhausted, like you’re not being of service in a meaningful way. Disconnected from your heart and from your dreams.


I understand. I felt that way when I was practicing. I was miserable all of the time - completely disconnected from my joy and from what my heart was asking me to do.


So I quit practicing to save myself.


But over the past decade, I’ve learned tools to help me feel joyful, grounded, centered and connected with myself. And I’ve slowly begin interacting with law again except that this time it’s in ways that feel good to me. That honor my boundaries. That respect my time.


And now I teach these tools to other attorneys. To help you feel empowered, joyful, and have boundaries with work.


We are taught so many wonderful things in law school - how to advocate, how to research, how to be good attorneys for our clients. 


But we’re not taught self-preservation tools, self-empowerment tools, tools for navigating the (often rigorous) time requirements of being an attorney with the very real need to have quality time away from the office. To take care of ourselves. To nurture our feelings, our bodies, our minds, and our hearts.


It’s my absolute joy to share tools and techniques with attorneys so that you can enjoy practicing law on your terms. It’s rewriting how the legal profession works. Empowering you rather than who you work for.


I teach courses for attorneys and I offer 1:1 coaching sessions.


Keep reading to learn more and to download free tools to help you feel centered and empowered right now.

With Love,


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Free Channeling

Embracing Your Authentic Self

Stream or download this free 21-minute channeling from an angel named Ariel on embracing your authentic Self.

Image by Danielle MacInnes
1:1 Attorney Coaching

1:1 Attorney Coaching Services

A 7-month coaching program to change your relationship to your practice and build a life that nourishes and supports you.

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