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Body Wisdom for the Win

Embrace Your Gifts &

Change the World




Hello Radiant One!

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Do you already actively work with (or do you feel as if you have) spiritual gifts?

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Are you unsure of how to share with people that you have these gifts?

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Do you feel called to integrate more of your heart's wisdom into your work?

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Do you work in an environment that feels mostly cerebral (or egoic)?


If yes, then you're in the right place.

And you're in good company.

Many professionals have these same experiences and feelings.

Body Wisdom for the Win is a live online course for people who wish to explore and develop their spiritual gifts (many of which are anchored in the body) - and eventually incorporate them in the workplace.

This course is for Professionals as Light Leaders. People who are here to change the current structures on our planet by embracing their spiritual gifts and utilizing them to rewrite how business is done in the office.

This course is centered around 4 topics:

Spiritual Gifts


Learn about some of your spiritual gifts and how to use them responsibly.

Coming Out


Tools for sharing with others what your gifts are - while feeling safe and belonged.

Heart Wisdom


Hear the deeper Truths that your heart has to share with you.

Workplace Change


How to use your gifts in the workplace to effect greater change.

In my experience, studying each of these topics is crucial to better understanding ourselves in order for our authenticity to flow out and create change in the workplace.

Why I Was Inspired To Create This Course


In 2004, I graduated from The University of Maryland School of Law. Like every other overachieving law school grad, I devoted myself to the practice of law and began working at an unsustainable pace.

I was working 60-80 hours/week and neglecting my mental, emotional, and physical needs. I quickly started becoming a worse version of myself - short-tempered, judgmental, superficial.

So I left the practice of law because I didn't like who I was becoming. And the path I was on was only going to make me a more miserable person.

At about the same time, I started developing an interest in "greaterness" - I had a feeling that there had to be something greater to life than the little lens I was looking out at the world from.

One thing led to another and I began a spiritual path where I learned about my spiritual gifts, living a Soul-centric life, and accessing greater consciousness.

I also began channeling a being of light named Archangel Ariel ("Ariel"). We now work together helping others access and express more of who they are.

Lifting veils, revealing Truth, and helping people radiate their Divinity is what Ariel and I are passionate about.

Why This Course

Right Now

Because it's desperately needed.

Right now.

In 2013, I left behind my professional life in Washington, DC, and fully embarked upon a spiritual path.

Part of my work now is helping other professionals embrace their spiritual gifts and share them with the world.

Over the years, I've worked with so many professionals who have shared that they have gifts, but don't know how to come out of the spiritual closet. They don't know how to make a dent in a business paradigm that values brain (and ego) over heart. They feel like a huge part of them can't be authentic at work because that part of them will be shamed, ridiculed, ostracized or undervalued.

And I get it completely because that was my experience, too.

But hiding who we are is no longer supported energetically

on this planet. 

You may be feeling an inner calling to step out into the world more

as your authentic Self.

Don't write this feeling off.

This is a deeper calling from your Soul and greater consciousness to be who you truly are.

Course Details

In this live online course, Ariel, other spirit guides she works with, and I will be teaching tools on how we can all develop a more harmonious, co-creative relationship with our bodies.

Our bodies are more than instruments for our heads to rest upon. Our bodies have wisdom, consciousnesses, and are crucial in developing and nurturing our spiritual gifts.

Here's what we're going to talk about over the 4 weeks:

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Leaning more deeply into your heart as you navigate work

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Different spiritual gifts including:

  • Heart listening and discernment

  • Intuition and inner knowing

  • Telepathy and Soul-level conversations with others

  • Vision and utilizing objects around us for guidance

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How to come out of the spiritual closet in ways that keep you safe, accepted and loved

Each class is 2 hours long and includes:

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A live channeled message from Ariel and the guides on that week's topic

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A live teaching by me with practical tips and tools for tapping into your gifts and using them in the workplace

These are live interactive classes held over Zoom.

You'll get an opportunity to ask Qs, share your experiences, and, if time allows, practice the spiritual gifts that Ariel and I teach.


Monday, August 3rd

Monday, August 10th

Monday, August 17th

Monday, August 24th

Time 3-5pm est / 2-4pm cst / 12-2pm pst

All classes are recorded and sent out within 24-hours. You'll receive 2 recordings. One is the Zoom recording of the full class. The other is the MP3 of the channeling that I did.

It's OK to miss a class(es) because you'll receive the recording afterwards. 

Price: $200


Who is this class for?

Anyone, but there will be discussion around how to come out

in the workplace with your spiritual gifts. 

Some of the content in this class is tailored for professionals as that is my background and experience.

How long is the class?

It's a 4-week online Zoom class. Class is from 3-5pm est on the following dates:


Monday, August 3rd

Monday, August 10th

Monday, August 17th

Monday, August 24th

What happens during each class?

I'll channel Ariel and the guides on that week's topic. I'll also be teaching practical tips and tools for accessing and using our spiritual gifts.

We'll have time for discussion and you may get a chance to practice your gifts depending upon the time.

How much is the course?

$200 for the 4-week course​


Can I take only a few of the classes and pay a portion of the cost?

No. The course is $200 and you have access to all of the content discussed even if you're only interested in some of the material we cover.


Do you offer refunds?

Yes, if the course hasn't begun yet (it starts August 3rd). After the course has started, there are no refunds. If you're not able to make some or all of the classes, you'll receive a link to the Zoom recording afterwards, as well as a separate MP3 link for the channeling.

How do I access class?

Class will be held online via Zoom. The Zoom link will be sent after you register for class.

I can't make all of the classes. Can I still participate?

Absolutely! Each class will be recorded on Zoom and I'll also record a separate MP3 of the channeling. You'll receive all of the recordings within 24-hours of each class. If you have a question(s) and you can't make class, just email me and I'll address it during class.

Can I listen to the classes and channelings after the course is over?

Definitely! This material is dynamic and will meet you where you're at. Some of the messages may not resonate now, but you could listen to a channeling a few years from now and hear exactly what you need to hear. I encourage you to listen to the channelings and watch the Zoom recordings as many times as you'd like.

Do you offer individual channelings?

Yes, I offer individual channelings for folx. Individual channelings give the guides an opportunity to bring through information that is specific to your system. I find individual channelings to be a great complementary piece to group classes because we can work on things that are specific to you and make sure that your system is integrating the information in a way that feels good to you.

Individual channelings cost $300 and I offer a package of 5 channelings for $1200. The channelings can be scheduled within 1 year from the date of purchase (no refunds - even for unused channelings).


Anaya S.

Thank you so much for your work over the years in crystallizing this guidance. I felt your teaching was so effective, clear, gentle, kind, and thoughtful. You organized the information you wanted to convey so effectively, and you are really a wonderful teacher. You did an excellent job of guiding and holding space for the practice segments. 

Uma S.

I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful class! I loved it. Also wanted to share with you that today I had a magical and transformative experience related to my business, which came directly from wisdom I heard yesterday from my guides.

Starshine G.

Alyssa has a unique and broad palette of talents she brings to her group and individual channelings. As a teacher, her courses are very grounded, well-planned and casual. She does an excellent job of summarizing the channeling, and following up with questions and comments to further ground and clarify. 

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