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Trust in Self

A free virtual channeled message from the spirit guides on trusting one's Self in a noisy world


We all have our own natural

rhythm and flow. And our own internal guidance system.

But our busy schedules and the demands of Life may prevent us from slowing down, listening deeply, and moving from a more internally aligned state.

When that happens, we may be acting from a place where our hearts, minds and bodies aren't integrated. This can leave us feeling anxious, unsettled, or like something is off about our actions.

In this 90-minute virtual class, I'll be channeling the spirit guides I work with who will bring through information on how to connect with ourselves in a noisy world, trust the internal messages we receive, and take action from that wiser place.

Class Details

Date: Friday, January 27th

Time: 7pm est / 6pm cst / 4pm pst

Duration: 90 minutes

Cost: Free

What You'll Need for Class: A journal if you wish to take notes on any information or insights that you receive


Location: Zoom - the link will be sent to you after registration

Recorded: Yes. The channeling will be sent to you after class as an MP3. You won't receive the Zoom video of the class or any of the comments in the Zoom chat bar. 

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