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Sparkling Sand

Earth Magic School

Conscious co-creation with Mother Earth & Beings of Light

to elevate consciousness

Our systems are deeply connected to the rhythms and flows of Mother Earth's system and greater consciousness. We are part of a greater ecosystem that we can choose to take part of in order to create more flow and harmony on the planet (and in our lives).

In Earth Magic School, we learn how to co-create with Mother Earth with the help of Archangel Ariel ("Ariel") and the other light beings Ariel works with. We learn how to work with our bodies in order to feel more aligned with Mother Earth and her greater consciousness. We put greater attention on our own mental and emotional bodies - and how they interact with Mother Earth's system - so that there's greater flow in our systems.

And we create pathways and gridwork systems that help humanity develop more collaborative and loving paradigms for this world.

Earth Magic School is conscious co-creation with Ariel, great beings of light, and Mother Earth. It is a pathway for greater understanding of yourself, of this planet, of Soul and greater consciousness work, and the important piece that you have to offer to the growth and expansion of consciousness on this planet.

It is my deepest joy to offer this in co-creation with Ariel, Mother Earth, and the beings of light who are working with us.

With love,

Alyssa, Ariel, Mother Earth, & the Beings of Light

Fall 2020 Course Coming Soon!

Online Courses - Coming Soon!

Image by Adrian Moise

Reclaim Freedom

& Sovereignty

Dissolve fear and create paradigms of freedom and sovereignty in this class.

Coming soon as an online course.

Image by Elena Mozhvilo

Experience Mother Earth's Magic

Learn to harmoniously co-create with Mother Earth and experience the magic She has to offer.

Coming soon as an online course.


Body Wisdom for the Win

Learn about the spiritual gifts you have and how to work with your body to access your gifts.

Coming soon as an online course.

Love from Clients

Open Workspace

[I] blown away by the level of insight I reached during the channeling [portion of class]. I felt that I was able to deepen my understanding because

Alyssa provided a welcoming atmosphere where questions were encouraged. 

Jessica B.

Group Meeting

Alyssa’s channelings and courses are rich with spiritual guidance and information, energetic techniques, and dialogue that is somehow both personally relevant to each participant and collectively to the whole. She does an excellent job of summarizing the channeling, and following up with questions and comments to further ground and clarify.

Starshine Guy

Legal Research and Writing

My favorite part is the insights that bubble up that were percolating under the surface. [Alyssa's] brain is so smart and she's also fluent in body language and body wisdom. It's a potent combination.

Serena Hick, Visibility Coach

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