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February Intentionality

Because results happen when we're intentional with our actions

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Hello Friend!

Do you ever feel like you bounce around in your life reacting to whatever comes at you? Or do you wish to make progress in some area of your life, but you're not sure how and taking any action feels overwhelming? Or do you just wish to start your day on your terms rather than waking up, turning on your phone, and seeing the many emails/texts/social media posts demanding your time and energy?

I spent most of my life acting without intention. I wasn't clear on what I desired, how I wished to feel, or what methods I wanted to use to accomplish my goals.

In fact, the first time I heard the phrase "set an intention" was in 2008 with a former teacher of mine. I had no idea what he meant. My lawyer brain was like "Set an intention - what is that? It sounds airy-fairy and unhelpful!"

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In truth, it's neither airy-fairy nor unhelpful. It's highly valuable and concrete.

Intentionality is the process of acting with conscientiousness, thoughtfulness and purpose.

It's taking our power back because we're becoming aware of what we wish to experience rather than reacting to the world around us. With intention, we have more say in how we desire to experience our life. And we have a tracking tool to see if our desires are coming true.

We're going to set intentions in February and see what happens in our lives.

Setting an intention is actually quite easy. The challenging part is getting quiet, listening to our inner being, and hearing the intentions that wish to come through.

Whether you're new to intention setting or you've been doing it for years, the obstacle for most people is actually carving out the time to do it!

We're all busy and taking the time to sit quietly and go inwards to listen to what our inner world has to share with us can often feel like a luxury that we can't afford.

So we don't do it. And we may start feeling like we have no time for ourselves or that we're bouncing from activity to activity without any time to process what's happening to us.

So let's take some time for ourselves to set intentions.
In community.

Course Details

In this live online Zoom course, we'll be tuning into our hearts, bodies and inner world to hear what they have to share. You'll ask yourself Qs like: "What tasks do I need to focus on? What does my body want today?

What can I let go of?"

We're going spend a few minutes each weekday in February listening deeply to ourselves.

So we can take action from a more intentional place.

And because we'll be more intentional with our day, we'll be able to track if our intentions are coming true or if we need to tweak things.

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Here are the course details

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A live online 15-minute intention setting meditation with me every Monday-Friday at 9am est / 8am cst / 6am pst in February except for Tuesday, February 8th.

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The option to join live or listen to the recording.

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An opportunity to share your experiences of the meditations with others while we meet on Zoom.

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The ability to listen to any/all meditations again and again with the recordings I'll send out.

These are live meditations held over Zoom.

It doesn't matter if you're new to intention setting or you've been doing it for years. Your inner being will meet you where you're at and provide you with what you need for each day.

Dates: Every Monday - Friday in February except for Tuesday, February 8th.

Time: 9am est / 8am cst / 6am pst

Duration: 15 minutes

All meditations are recorded and sent out within 24-hours.


You'll receive an MP3 of the meditation that I do. Live comments, comments in the Zoom chat bar, and video will not be shared.

It's OK to miss a class(es) because you'll receive the recording afterwards. 

Price: $30

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Who is this class for?

Anyone regardless of your level of experience setting intentions.

How long is the class?

It's 15-minutes every Monday - Friday in February except for Tuesday, February 8th.

What happens during each class?

I'll lead everyone in a guided meditation to help you set intentions for the day. There will be time to share anything that came up for you during the meditation if you so wish.

How much is the course?



Can I take only a few of the classes and pay a portion of the cost?

No. The course is $30 and you have access to all of the meditations I deliver even if you're only interested in some of them.


Do you offer refunds?

No. If you're not able to make some or all of the classes, it's OK because you'll receive an MP3 link for every meditation.

How do I access class?

Class will be held online via Zoom. The Zoom link will be sent after you register for class.

I can't make all of the classes. Can I still participate?

Absolutely! Each meditation will be recorded and you'll receive the MP3 recording of the meditation within 24-hours of each class.

Can I listen to the meditations after the course is over?

Definitely! This material is dynamic and will meet you where you're at. Some of the meditations may not resonate now, but you could listen to it a few years from now and hear exactly what you need to hear. I encourage you to listen to the meditations as many times as you'd like.

I hope you'll join us for February Intentions and see what happens to your day when you become more intentional with your actions!



Anaya S.

Thank you so much for your work over the years in crystallizing this guidance. I felt your teaching was so effective, clear, gentle, kind, and thoughtful. You organized the information you wanted to convey so effectively, and you are really a wonderful teacher. You did an excellent job of guiding and holding space for the practice segments. 

Uma S.

I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful class! I loved it. Also wanted to share with you that today I had a magical and transformative experience related to my business, which came directly from wisdom I heard yesterday from my guides.

Starshine G.

Alyssa has a unique and broad palette of talents she brings to her group and individual channelings. As a teacher, her courses are very grounded, well-planned and casual. She does an excellent job of summarizing the channeling, and following up with questions and comments to further ground and clarify. 

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