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Below are free channelings that you can stream or download. Click on the "Learn More" button for each channeling to be taken to page where you can learn more about the message that the guides brought through in that channeling. You will also find the streaming audio player and the download option on each channeling's unique page.

The channelings address different topics, but all of them expand your consciousness and allow new information to come into your system.

Listen to them as many times as you'd like, but give yourself time to integrate and process the messages.

Feel free to share these channelings on social media or with whomever you feel would benefit from the messages that the guides bring through.

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Monthly Energies

In May of 2020, the guides and I started offering monthly channelings on the energy of the planet and what's happening within the mass consciousness.

Click "Learn More" to access the monthly channelings.

Lily Flower

Embracing Your Authentic Self

The guides talk with us about accessing our authentic Selves and the love that is always there for us regardless if we're being authentic or not.


Connection & Turning Inwards

The guides share a beautiful message of love, connection and deep self-trust to help us navigate changing times.


Dreams Into Form

The guides have us evaluate our lives to see if they are in alignment with our values, our dreams, and our joys.

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Wisdom of the Desert Hag

In this journey, the guides help us access our inner hag. We also get to meet the Wise Ones and Great Ones of the land and work with them to better understand our service to the world.


You've Got This

In this journey, we are reminded by the guides

that we are capable and resourced. We have all of

the tools we need to create

or continue creating a life

that deeply fulfills us.


Working with the Guides on a Creation

The guides work with us on a creation of our choosing in this journey. 

We come into alignment in our body and work on our creation from that deeper place.

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