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Attorney Mentoring 

For balance and wellness in your legal practice

The legal profession has evolved into one where lawyers put their work ahead of their own mental, emotional, and physical needs.

Let's rewrite this script. Using embodiment, spiritual, and practical tools, I help lawyers regain a sense of peace and joy in their work.


If you've landed here, my guess is that you're an incredible attorney with a huge heart, but you're feeling:

Completely burnt out

Dissatisfied with your practice

Disillusioned with the practice of law and your (in)ability to effect real, positive change

Disconnected from the things in life that bring you joy - if you even know what those are

Knowing - or suspecting - that there has to be more to life than working and that you, too, are allowed to live a life that makes you happy

I completely understand all of these, Friend, as I lived every single one of them when I practiced law. I got so fed up that I quit practicing.

When I left the legal world a few years ago, I swore I'd never do anything with it agin.

But my heart changed and I felt called to work with attorneys to help them find better balance within their practices. Now I'm a spiritual attorney mentor.

What's Attorney Mentoring?

It's providing a combination of embodiment, spiritual, and practical tools to help attorneys (re)connect with their hearts, experience joy, create better boundaries with work, and remember that you're here to live a rich and fulfilling life.

Contrary to what we may have been taught in law school and in practicing law, we're not actually here to be in service to our jobs, our employers or our clients at the expense of our wellbeing.

For the most part, the legal profession values the mind over our hearts and bodies.

I help attorneys (re)connect with their hearts and bodies so that they can incorporate more of who they are into their practice.

I channel Archangel Ariel as part of my 1:1 work with attorneys.

She and I provide specific tools for people to use to help them regulate their systems and open up the flow of energy within their bodies.

I provide attorneys with practical tools - how to create better boundaries with work, how to have courageous conversations with others, how to explore what truly brings them joy.

It's an exploration of reclaiming our sovereignty in the practice of law.

Mentoring versus Coaching

I think of myself as more of a mentor than a coach.

What are the differences?

If you hire a coach to help you with something, you may receive explicit next steps to take or to try (business coaches often do this) or you may do thought work to help re-train your brain into thinking thoughts that are beneficial to you.

As a mentor, I'm holding space for you to receive your own inner guidance as to what your next steps are and what's best for you. I'm providing suggestions based on my own experiences,

but ultimately you are the one who has the answers

and I'm helping you look inwards to find them.

Embodiment is a crucial piece to my work. We have to feel and release emotions in order to hear our inner guidance. We have to practice presence and awareness of our own being, learning to understand the subtle (or not so subtle) cues that our body is giving us to let us know that things aren't in alignment.

In my experience and observation, lawyers are fabulous at thinking things through, analyzing information, making decisions strictly from

a cerebral place.

What lawyers haven't been taught or allowed to explore is how to incorporate their feelings, their hearts, their inner guidance into their work.

I help bridge these different aspects of who you are so that you are functioning from a more integrated place. Nurturing your tender self and honoring what your body needs.

I also channel Archangel Ariel ("Ariel") in some of our sessions so that you are receiving guidance from Ariel and the guides as they see things from their perspective.

It is my desire to help you learn more about who you are and integrate your greater Self into your work. So that you can feel balanced, centered, in alignment, and experience the joy that is yours to have simply by being in a body.

The practice of law needs a major overhaul, and it's my absolute delight to help change it through love, self-awareness, and self-acceptance.

The change starts with me. And it starts with you.

How Does Mentoring Work?

I work with clients virtually for 24 sessions over a period of seven months. We meet weekly for 60-minutes.

Over the course of seven months, we'll cover the following topics:

Legal Practice

Is it meeting your needs?


What is your body saying?

Personal Life

Is your personal life satisfying?

Heart's Desires

What does your heart really want?

Spiritual Tools

Exploring your natural gifts and how to use them.

A -> Z

How to get from where you're at to where you want to go

We'll start by talking about your legal practice and how you're feeling with it. I'll have you connect with your heart to see what you really desire from your practice and if you're receiving it.


Over time, we'll also discuss the things going on in your personal life. We'll explore if your personal life is satisfying to you or if changes need to be made.

Throughout the 7 months, I'll be working with you to open up your spiritual gifts of inner knowing, heart-centeredness, and deep trust of your trust.

We'll also work with embodiment tools so that you develop a stronger relationship with your body and can start using your body as a compass for your life.

And we'll walk through how to make changes in your life that are in service to where you want to go.

Finally, I'll do two 90-minute channeling sessions over the seven months so that you can receive angelic guidance that is directly related to the issues affecting you.

These 7 months are meant to be very comprehensive. You will have a better understanding of yourself and what you need to thrive after our time together.

What's Expected of Me, the Client?

That you show up fully and commit to the work.

Lasting change in our lives truly comes from within. If you want to change your external situation, doing inner work is crucial so that your outer world can reflect the inner work you've already done.

Otherwise, you may just be putting a Band-Aid on a situation rather than going deeper and unrooting what's going on.

How Much Does It Cost?

A 7-month package with me costs $6,000.

There are no refunds unless I'm unable to commit to our sessions for some reason, in which case you'll receive a pro rated refund.

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