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Free Channeling (27 Minutes)

November 2021 Energies
00:00 / 26:33

In this channeling, the guides teach us a new tool for viewing the world from a more internal place.


They mention that some changes are coming in mid-November that may feel chaotic. The guides share that being able to view the world from a more centered, internal place can be helpful for us.

They also have us play with timing and see if we can notice how we're in perfect timing - always.

And they have us experience the feelings of capableness, competence and rightness in our systems.

*The music accompanying this channeling is Satya Yuga by Jesse Gallagher. 

November 2021 Energies
00:00 / 26:33

*Due to the large size of the MP3 file, you may need to try to stream or download it twice on your phone. I've found that it won't stream or download the first time on my iPhone, but will stream or download the second time I try.

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