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Free Channeling (20 Minutes)

October 2021 Energies
00:00 / 19:40

I channeled this on October 6th, which was the New Moon. The guides incorporated the New Moon energy into the channeling.

This message is very honoring of October and how the veil between the worlds is thinner during this time.

The guides talk about our ability to connect with our ancestors, as well as our deep connection to Earth.

They have us spend some time working with Earth's consciousness and our own and exploring the connection between our consciousnesses.

They also had us experience the New Moon and do a special ceremony with the Moon.

*The music accompanying this channeling is The Golden Present by Jesse Gallagher. 

October 2021 Energies
00:00 / 19:40

*Due to the large size of the MP3 file, you may need to try to stream or download it twice on your phone. I've found that it won't stream or download the first time on my iPhone, but will stream or download the second time I try.

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