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I provide teaching, coaching and consulting services to legal organizations on topics related to lawyer well-being. Specifically, I focus on emotional intelligence, stress management, syncing our legal practices with our menstrual cycles, and helping lawyers experience more joy and pleasure in life.

I also facilitate race literacy conversations with White people - both individually and organizationally. I work with The Opt-In™, which is a B Corp company that helps visionary leaders stay relevant through cultural strategy. The Opt-In focuses on building race literacy and cultural competency skills of leaders and organizations through an integrated curriculum and coaching approach. I facilitate conversations with White senior leadership in companies on topics related to race literacy and healing race-based trauma that White people hold in our bodies. You can learn more about The Opt-In at

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Emotional Intelligence

Understanding our emotions and how to work with them.

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Cycle Syncing

Ways we can sync our legal practices with our menstrual cycles so we're working in partnership with our bodies.


Stress Management

Tools and tips to manage stress and feel better about your work.



"You can be happy or you can be a lawyer." I read that once. It's not true, but can feel like it to lawyers. Pleasure is crucial for our well-being. I teach ways to expand pleasure in our lives.

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Race Literacy

White lawyers must address our internalized racism in order to dismantle White supremacy within our profession. Everyone has race-based trauma although we hold it differently in our bodies depending upon our skin color. Race literacy work for White people involves looking at our race-based trauma and coming to terms with our beliefs around supremacy.

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