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I provide teaching, coaching and consulting services to legal organizations on topics related to lawyer well-being. Specifically, I focus on emotional intelligence, work-life boundaries, stress management, and helping lawyers experience more joy and pleasure in life.

I also work with White lawyers to become more race literate. Race literacy requires a close examination of our internalized racism and the race-based trauma that we hold in our bodies as White people. Race literacy work is an aspect of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion ("DEI") work in that it involves inner exploration and self-reflection as to how we, as White people, have received messages of White supremacy from society and how we benefit from supremacy. But it's different than DEI work as DEI work examines systemic racism and what must be done at an organizational level to create equity and equality. I can provide DEI referrals for organizations that want to examine systemic racism and implement equitable policies, procedures and practices. Both race literacy work and DEI work must be done by legal organizations in order to dismantle supremacy.

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Emotional Intelligence

Understanding our emotions and how to work with them.

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Stress Management

Tools and tips to manage stress and feel better about your work.

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Work-Life Boundaries

Excessive working leads to stress, burnout, maladaptive coping behaviors, and a host of mental, emotional and physical conditions. Boundaries are necessary for a healthy law practice.



"You can be happy or you can be a lawyer." I read that once. It's not true, but can feel like it to lawyers. Pleasure is crucial for our well-being. I teach ways to expand pleasure in our lives.

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Race Literacy

White lawyers must address our internalized racism in order to dismantle White supremacy within our profession. Everyone has race-based trauma although we hold it differently in our bodies depending upon our skin color. Race literacy work for White people involves looking at our race-based trauma and coming to terms with our beliefs around supremacy.

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