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2 Steps to Revealing Your Spiritual Gifts at Work as a High Achieving Attorney

As a former practicing attorney who's now a spirituality teacher and attorney mentor, I've had a lot of experience revealing my spiritual gifts to former colleagues, law school classmates, Bar Associations and so on.

Perhaps you're thinking about sharing with colleagues that you're intuitive, have a strong inner knowing, receive higher guidance, work with your Higher Self or Soul, or utilize some other gift that you possess?

I started working with my spiritual gifts a few years before I revealed to other lawyers that I'm intuitive, I channel a being of light, and that I can communicate with Nature. My experience of law was that if you can't bill for it, it's worthless. That my mind was the only worthwhile thing about me. My body, my inner wisdom, and my heart were nothing more than a distraction from working 80 hours/week.

I was really scared to reveal my spiritual side.

I was so programmed to believe that I had to conform to succeed.

But not revealing this part of me became unbearable.

I was lying to myself and my heart was crying out for me to be authentic.

It can be scary revealing our spiritual gifts at work as an attorney. There may be very rigid rules (perhaps unspoken) about what are acceptable behaviors and beliefs and what aren't. You may work in an environment that values the mind above all else. You may be surrounded by people who experience only the physical aspects of Life rather than the Life that's available to us beyond our normal perception.​

When I share my spiritual gifts with attorneys, I generally receive a response along the lines of "wow, that's amazing" while they look at me like I've grown a second head.

I've generally found that most people will respond with kind words although the look on their face is one of total shock. Occasionally, I've had people say really awful things to me - like the person who said I must have been a really shitty attorney.

There are a lot of people who are in pain. Who won't own it.

And their ignorance and inability to deal with their stuff has absolutely hindered me in sharing who I am with the world.

For a few years, my fears of rejection and being ridiculed prevented me from really sharing with people that I channel a being of light, that I listen to my heart, and that I work with my Soul.

It was a process for me. A lot of untangling had to happen within my psyche, my feelings, my thoughts, and within my body.

Here are a couple of tips you may find helpful when you feel ready to reveal your spiritual gifts at work. I've found that these steps made my process a little bit easier and my nervous system handled the exposure and vulnerability better than it did when I blasted my gifts to people (which I usually later regretted).



1) When you start revealing your spiritual gifts at work, you may want to dip your toes in the water first. Start small. Share with 1 or 2 people whom you trust deeply and who have your back. They may not understand what you're going through, but you know they will support you. IMHO it's imperative that we're supported during the coming out phase. It helps keep our courage high and our heart open. I've found that coming out of the spiritual closet is like a spiral (it's inner work, after all, so it makes sense that it resembles the spiral nature of healing from painful experiences). We go around it, learn something about ourselves and others, and then make another turn around the spiral only to learn something new. ​ It takes an immense amount of courage and love towards yourself to share more of your authenticity with people. Especially in an environment that may not have a reputation for heart-centeredness or authenticity. Be kind to yourself and go at your own pace. It's a marathon. Not a sprint.2) Put yourself first. This may be new for you. Perhaps you have really demanding clients, a leadership position within your office or community, or have a family at home. I imagine that multiple things are needing your attention and maybe you rarely get to put yourself first. ​ When we start opening up more of ourselves to others, it can feel raw, vulnerable, exposed. Our deeper essence is shining through - things that we've taken on as part of our identity (that aren't actually part of our true identity) are peeling off and it exposes our true self. ​ You may need a lot of TLC to handle this big expansion of who you are. ​ Cancel a meeting if it feels like too much to handle; get a babysitter one night and do something nourishing for yourself; crawl in bed early one night and read, watch or listen to something that brings you joy. ​ I do believe that many or most of us are here to be in service to others. ​ But I don't believe that service to others is supposed to come at the expense of ourselves. ​ This belief is a radical departure from what many of us have been taught - that we're supposed to give, give, give, give and when we're almost out of energy, give some more. ​ But I don't believe it's true.

Put yourself first here. You're worth it.

The fact that you're reading this means that you're feeling an inner calling to express more of yourself, that you're desiring to use your spiritual gifts in your practice, that you sense that the practice of law can be changed so that it's more nourishing for you.

I applaud your willingness to listen to your body and heart.

It takes courage.

And self-love.

Only you know if revealing your spiritual gifts at work is the next step for you.

But I've done it and have learned a few things along the way that make it easier to share with other lawyers that I'm spiritual.

Things that help me feel safer, better received, and more confident.

That’s why on September 30th I’m hosting a live class that will share practical tips for revealing your spiritual gifts at work.

To help others who are at this fork in the road.

And to help change how law is practiced.

You can learn more and sign up here.

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