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Getting the Downloads, but Not Cooked Yet

I was texting with a friend over the weekend and she shared that she felt like she "was getting the downloads, but they weren't cooked yet."

I thought it was a brilliant thing to say.

What does it mean exactly?

"Getting the downloads" is a spiritual way of saying that she was receiving information from her Higher Self or a more expanded consciousness than her human beingness. She felt information coming through - perhaps next steps, ideas, creative bursts. Whatever that information looked like for her.

We all get downloads. You may call it something else, but we're talking about the same thing. It's that greater inspiration or information that comes through.

"But they weren't cooked yet" means that the information, ideas, or inspiration that was coming through for her isn't ripe; isn't ready to be acted upon or used; it's still gestating.

We all experience this, too. Just because we get a flash of inspiration doesn't necessarily mean we're ready to act on it. We might be getting a part of the message and other things need to occur before we're ready to take action.

This is life. Taking time to be slow and allow things to unfold in their timing is a beautiful thing. And yes, a luxury that we can't always indulge. But I've found that when I rush things, they often fall apart because I haven't tended to my project or creation in a nurturing way.

What's your experience with getting downloads that aren't cooked yet?

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