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Sourcing from the Wisdom of Your Heart

Getting quiet and tuning into your heart can be one of the most powerful tools to reset your day.

We’re all very busy and we have a lot of things demanding our time and attention. And since many of us are now working from home - and perhaps with children or other family members who are at home, too - our ability to have solitude may be limited.

Busy-ness, an inability to have quiet moments to ourselves, and demands on our time make it difficult to explore the depths of our inner being; to probe our hearts and feelings to see what our inner world desires to share with us. Instead, we may be operating at a top layer of who we are - more cerebral, more reactionary.

Maybe you’ve felt the discord between your heart and your head when they’re not in alignment. Or when you’ve neglected to listen to your heart on things that are important to you.

I've certainly felt the discord in my life - multiple times. I feel uneasy, pained in some way, it’s like I hear an inner voicing telling that my heart isn’t in alignment with my actions.

But I generally only notice that inner voice in moments of quiet - like right before falling asleep or when I’m taking a walk outside to clear my head.

I can’t hear that inner voice when I’m rushing around trying to meet the demands of everyone or trying to accomplish 100 tasks in a day.

Our culture isn’t built on a model where inner reflection is valued. In fact, it relies on us being stressed and in a state of deterioration. The more stressed and fatigued we are, the less likely we are to listen to our hearts for guidance, for Truth. And the more we can take on someone else’s story as our own; not question their motives or what they want us to believe.

When you’re feeling stressed, pulled in too many directions, and need to reset yourself, a really simple tool is to close your eyes, put your hand over your heart, take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to connect with your heart.

Once you feel connected to your heart, ask it what it needs. Allow yourself to be curious - perhaps humored and delighted - by the answer. Your heart may surprise you.

You may see a picture, hear a word, sense energy, experience a feeling. Let your heart communicate with you however it does.

Brain truths are complex, assuming. Heart truths are simple, unassuming. Brains like to use 8,164,923 words. Hearts like to use just a few.

If possible, give yourself whatever your heart asks for. Notice how you feel afterwards. You’re loving on yourself in ways that are truly nourishing and nurturing.

The world is a noisy place. Allow your inner world to be your sanctuary from the noise. Allow yourself to source your love and energy from yourself so that you can move through the world from a more centered and connected place.

The gifts you are giving yourself by doing this are immeasurable.


I'm a former attorney who's now a spirituality teacher and an attorney mentor. I help attorneys find centeredness, wellness and balance in their lives. I also help attorneys reveal their spiritual gifts in the workplace in ways that feel safe and supportive.

On September 30th, I'm teaching a live class called Revealing Your Spiritual Gifts in the Workplace as a High Achieving Attorney. If you feel called to join, you can learn more and sign up by clicking here.

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