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Join me in a one-on-one journey as I channel an angel named Ariel to provide you personalized information to help you move forward.

In a private session, you can bring your questions, issues, concerns, things you’d like guidance on and Ariel and I will work together to provide you with information to move forward.


During our session, I will channel Ariel who will provide information as she sees it from her perspective. As a student of spirituality, I may bring in information from my learnings on Soul-level consciousness to help you with your questions.

If you're new to channeling, it means that I go into a semi-meditative state and Ariel speaks through me. She will take you on a meditative journey to help answer your questions and integrate information into your body and its many systems.


Sessions are up to 90 minutes long.  On average, they last about 75 minutes. Make sure you are in a quiet, comfortable location for our call.  You may also want to have pen and paper nearby to take notes.


I offer two channeling options. 

The first is an individual channeling, which is $300.

The second is a 5 channelings package, which is $1200.

Individual Channeling (1).png

One channeling may be right for you if you want guidance on a specific issue and don't anticipate needing additional support for your questions.

If your issue is multi-layered, touches upon trauma, or involves behavior you wish to alter, then I recommend a channeling package.


5 channelings.png

A 5 channelings package may be a better fit for you if there are multiple aspects of your life that you wish to work on. Deeper work can be done with Ariel in multiple channelings - including Soul-level work, rewriting energy patterns, working on relationships, and receiving guidance for next steps.

The 5 channelings can be scheduled within 1 year from the date of purchase.


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