Join me in a one-on-one journey as I channel Archangel Ariel to provide you personalized information to help you move forward.

In a private session, you can bring your questions, issues, concerns, things you’d like guidance on and Archangel Ariel ("Ariel"), the other spirit guides she works with, and I will work together to provide you with information to move forward.


Part of the session will be me tuning into the guides to bring through information, and I will also channel Ariel and the guides who will provide information as they see it from their perspective. As a spirituality teacher, I may bring in information from my teachings on Soul-level consciousness to help you with your questions.


Sessions are up to 90 minutes long.  On average, they last about 75 minutes. Make sure you are in a quiet, comfortable location for our call.  You may also want to have pen and paper nearby to take notes.


I offer two channeling options. 

The first is an individual channeling, which is $300.

The second is a 5 channelings package, which is $1200.

One channeling may be right for you if you want guidance on a specific issue and don't anticipate needing additional support for your questions.

If your issue is multi-layered, involves other people, touches upon trauma, or involves behavior you wish to alter, then I recommend a channeling package.


A 5 channelings package may be a better fit for you if there are multiple aspects of your life that you wish to work on. Deeper work can be done with the guides in multiple channelings - including Soul-level work, rewriting energy patterns, working on relationships, and receiving guidance for next steps.

The 5 channelings can be scheduled within 1 year from the date of purchase.


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