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Free Channeling (20 Minutes)

September 2021 Energies
00:00 / 19:48

The guides touched on a few different topics in this journey.​

First, they have us ground and really feel the energy in our bodies. We then work with the column of light that runs in front of or near our spines.

The guides follow that with some spinal work and helping our systems come into greater alignment.

Finally, they teach us a time manipulation tool and talk with us about how time is going to be experienced in September.

*The music accompanying this channeling is Passing Time by Kevin MacLeod. 

September 2021 Energies
00:00 / 19:48

*Due to the large size of the MP3 file, you may need to try to stream or download it twice on your phone. I've found that it won't stream or download the first time on my iPhone, but will stream or download the second time I try.

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