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Sourcing from Within

Sourcing from yourself rather than others

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The world is noisy and there are a lot of people and things that pull on us for attention. We can get caught up in the expectations or demands of others and feel like we're boomeranging around rather than acting from a stable internal foundation.

It's imperative that we source from ourselves to stay in a centered and focused place.

Sourcing from ourselves means acting from our center

Sourcing from Within is a 3-month program where we'll explore tools to help us source from our own inner being.

We'll be learning spirituality tools, emotional development tools, and productivity tools.

Spirituality Tools: In every class, I'll be channeling the spirit guides who will bring through information on how we source from ourselves. If you're new to channeling, it means I go into a semi-meditative state and the spirit guides speak through me.

Emotional Development Tools: You'll learn tools for identifying and processing your emotions so that you can become clearer on how you feel about certain situations and the actions you want to take. 

Productivity Tools: You'll be working on a project of your choosing throughout the 3-months. I'll be teaching you productivity tools that are based in neuroscience so that you can work on your project in a way that's supportive of your brain chemistry.

This class is great for you if you want to:

  • Connect more deeply with yourself

  • Source from yourself rather than from others (you want to become more conscious of meeting your own emotional needs rather than demanding or manipulating others to meet your needs)

  • Develop and strengthen your own inner knowing, intuition, and clarity

  • Utilize neuroscience to work on a project or goal

  • Receive group support and accountability on your project or goal

  • Come into right relationship with yourself and productivity - learn how to work in partnership with your brain rather than against yourself, and/or

  • Learn how the traditional model of productivity is rooted in abuse of power dynamics (enslavement, colonization, feudal systems) and by changing how we are productive, we contribute to dismantling White supremacy

Class Details

Dates: 2nd and 4th Tuesdays in April, May, & June

April 9th & 23rd

May 14th & 28th

June 11th & 25th

Time: 2-4pm et / 1-3pm ct / 11am-1pm pt

(The Class will last 90 minutes to 2 hours. Carve out 2 hours in your calendar.)

Weekly Zoom Co-Working Sessions:

Wedesdays from 10am-12pm et / 9-11am CT / 7-9am pt

(We start Wednesday, April 10th and conclude on Wednesday, June 19th.)

Accountability Buddy: You'll have the option to be paired with an accountability buddy from class to help you stay focused and on track with your project

Cost: $3200 until April 1st and then it increases to $3800

Bonus Class: If you sign up by March 26th, you can join a bonus class I'll be teaching that day from 2-4pm et / 1-3pm ct / 11am-1pm pt


Location: Zoom - the link will be sent to you after registration

Refundable: No

Recorded: Yes

Join me for Sourcing from Within

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