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Spiritual Teachings

Create and experience a different reality

as you expand your consciousness

Congratulations! You're ascending!

Humanity is currently undergoing a shift to experience greater states of consciousness on this planet. Traditionally, we think of ourselves as being a part of the 3rd dimension - which is true. At this time, however, we're actually moving into 4th, 5th, and 6th dimensional states of consciousness (and higher states for some).


You may experience these greater states of consciousness as greater awareness - although you can't exactly pinpoint what you're more aware of. You just sense that there are more subtle things going on in the spaces around you than you previously noticed. You may know things and have no idea how you know them. You may have a more expanded sense of someone's motives and if they're being honest. You may feel a deeper connection with Mother Earth and her many kingdoms. 

In these greater states of consciousness, you have access to - and can create from - your Soul-level of consciousness, which is 5th dimensional consciousness. Your ability to step out of 3rd dimensional constructs and limitations is greatly enhanced.

In co-creation with Archangel Ariel ("Ariel"), she and I teach people tools for anchoring the Soul into the body and creating a Soul-level reality. As spirituality teachers, we help people navigate greater consciousness with more ease, clarity, grace, wisdom and trust. We are a part of ushering in the new paradigm on this planet and delight in helping others expand consciousness on the planet.

You are a Soul incarnated into the beautiful workings of a body. Allow the wisdom and expansiveness of your Soul to help you create a different reality as humanity shifts into higher consciousness.


Private Channelings

Join me in a one-on-one meditative journey as I channel Ariel who will provide you personalized information to help you move forward.

In a private session, you can bring your questions, issues, concerns, and things you’d like guidance on and Ariel and I will work together to provide you with information to move forward.



I've co-created Earth Magic School with Ariel and the guides.

The guides teach us tools for accessing greater states of consciousness, as well as working with Mother Earth.

New classes are offered every few months.


Channeling Downloads

I have a number of free channelings on my website that you can stream or download as an MP3. Enjoy!

Spiritual Teachings: Work

Love from Clients

Woman with Suitcases

That was one of the coolest experiences of my LIFE. Thank you for creating and holding space for that to happen. I'm so lucky to have you as a teacher on this journey!!

Uma S.

Business Conference

Thank you for the class. It was perfect and I love the way you presented the material! You are GREAT at that!

Cledstone Jordan

Flower Arrangement

You did an incredible job of explaining each practice and I loved the way you held safe space for people who needed to release/process a bit more! 

Tara A.

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