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Spirituality Teacher & Attorney Mentor


Welcome Friend! I’m so excited you’re here.


My name’s Alyssa Johnson, and I help people express their authenticity and be loved for it.


I used to practice law in DC. But my heart was very unfulfilled as law is very cerebral.


In 2008, I started on a path of spirituality and found my greater calling of helping people remember how powerful and important they are.

I became a spiritual attorney.


Today, I channel a being of light named Archangel Ariel and together we help people feel hopeful and empowered through angelic guidance.


Our work together is about expansion of consciousness.


It's helping people access the wisdom of their Soul to create a more embodied life. 

It's helping people navigate shifts in consciousness with more ease and joy. 


It’s my absolute joy to help people grow internally through spiritual work and to help attorneys become more authentic and heart-centered in their careers. 


If you feel called to work with me in any of these ways, I invite you to learn more below.


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