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Alyssa Johnson

Emotional intelligence, neuroscience and racial literacy as tools for transformation in the legal profession 

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Being a lawyer takes a lot of grit and often extensive self-sacrifice.

Our lives may be organized around our cognitive abilities without adequate attention

paid to our emotional and physical needs. This may leave us feeling internally conflicted. We may know or sense that we're stressed, overwhelmed or needing support, but not a lot of clarity around how to address those needs.

Additionally, many of us haven't studied neuroscience so we haven't learned how to work in partnership with our brains to be productive. We may be expected to work longer and harder to accomplish our tasks. But working longer and harder doesn't generally leave us feeling good.

It tends to lead to burnout.

And many of us may find ourselves in situations where we're grappling with race-based dynamics. We may not have adequate tools for talking about race and it can leave us feeling uncomfortable and awkward.


The work that I do is about addressing well-being through the lens of emotional intelligence, the neuroscience of productivity, and addressing racialized trauma. These pieces are all deeply connected and play a huge role in how we feel.


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I work with people 1:1, as well as groups or organizations.

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