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The Opt-In™

The Opt-In helps visionary companies stay relevant through cultural strategy.

Every courageous, visionary leader seeks to meet the demands of today's clients, consumers, and talent to stay ahead. Yet you may be struggling to do so. At The

Opt-In™, we partner with you and your leadership teams by addressing the gaps through our evidence-based culture competency framework and experiences so you can stay relevant to your broadest audience with reimagined services and products created by your most engaged team of intersectional talent. We partner with you and your leadership team to understand your intentions and goals with accountability, clarity, and without judgment.


As the Business Development Lead at The Opt-In™, I partner with your organization from initial exploratory conversations through onboarding to ensure that you have a seamless experience. The Opt-In's™ highly trained Facilitators guide your senior leadership in race literacy conversations to help you create an environment that builds in greater diversity, equity, inclusion, knowledge, and skills into your workforce so you can stay culturally relevant as the market changes.

Women Talks with Aurora Archer

Women Talks.png

Aurora Archer, CEO and Co-Founder of The Opt-In, and I host talks at organizations on topics related to women's leadership, solidarity, and power.

Women don't lead the same way that men do.

Often our values and priorities are different than men's and so the training, professional development, and skill sets that we want to develop are different than men's.

In our Women Talks, attendees:

- Leave the training with clear next steps for their leadership development,
- Break down barriers that women experience with each other in terms of race-based discrimination, and
- Understand how our power comes from being a woman - not the traditional man in a skirt model of female leadership.


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