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In May of 2020, the guides and I started offering monthly channelings on the energies of the planet. We believe that this information is helpful for people as we continue accessing greater states of consciousness.

Below are buttons you can click on to be taken to the page for a specific month's channeling. Each channeling's unique page describes what the channeling is about and how long it is. You can download or stream any of the channelings for free.

Please feel free to share these channelings on social media or with people whom you feel would benefit from this work.

If you'd like to make a contribution to my business to help offset the costs of creating these MP3, you can click the "Contribute" button at the bottom of the page.

Please note, I stopped the monthly energy channelings after December 2021.

*I think the May 2021 Energies channeling is a really important channeling to listen to. If you listen to only one, I recommend this one.

I incur costs to create MP3s of these channelings. If you'd like to make a monetary contribution to help offset my costs, click the Contribute button below. 


Thank you!

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